Professional Speaking

Lorie P. Woodruff is an insightful speaker whose expertise lies in all facets of relationships and attraction. Her message is based solely on her life experience, and exudes an element realism that resonates with all audiences. Lorie P. Woodruff is available to speak to organizations, churches, clubs, educational institutions, and all receptive audiences.

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Speaking Programs:

"Say YES to Yourself:"

This program shows audience members that power of affirmations. With the ability to say “Yes,” all doors are open to your dreams and future.

"The Irresistible You:"

This enlightening programs shows audience members one thing: regardless of where they are in life, there is an irresistible inner-self that is waiting to emerge to the surface. This magnetic self can be created in any moment, while constantly evolving to attract virtually anything that is missing in life.

"The Power of Unleashing:"

Every meaningful ounce of personal growth begins with, and is sustained by, personal growth and self development. Lorie takes audience members on a journey of challenging life experiences, and reveals how she ultimately emerged with more personal clarity and an esteem that is unshakable. She shows audience members how to extract the wisdom and tools for evolution that are hidden in life’s inclement weather.